Japanese umbrella making

Fans, folding fans, lanterns, etc. Our Japanese have been making these functional and beautiful things by Japanese paper and bamboo crafts. 

The Japanese umbrella has made from combines fine bamboo bones and axes, applied a Persimmon juice or Tung oil and put on washi paper which for waterproofed. 

Although Karakasa umbrella is generally a name for being from China, which was improved by Japanese craftsmen. Each process that makes them has accumulated techniques. Make a frame, put a Japanese paper, in the process of finishing, each worked by specialized craftsmen, they have been make up a Japanese umbrella. The Wagasa umbrella craftsmen who are becoming fewer now, the technology which inherited, they continue making a beautiful handmade umbrella.


Umbrella of Yamamiya

The Japanese umbrellas they are many types, a Bangasa Umbrella which colorful things to use Japanese old dance and stage, for outside tea ceremony umbrella which is spreading it becomes 3.6meter wide. The Wagasa umbrella made of bamboo and Japanese paper is 3 to 5 years It oxidizes, leaving the old one. It is difficult for keeping on good condition, also difficult for technology inheritance, because the craftsmen who passed down. Technology continues to make the beautiful thing. It is done. Our Yamamiya shop, with Japanese tradition. We will convey the feelings of the umbrella craftsmen.

Japanese Umbrella




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